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Collaborate with Event Management Companies

event management companies

Today’s executive assistants wear a lot of hats. When they’re not managing day to day operations, compiling reports, drafting presentations, coordinating calendars; they’re putting out fires or anticipating and researching the next big project. And now that meetings planning has fallen onto many EAs’ to-do list, we think it’s time to focus on how administrators can work with event management companies to achieve more efficient, seamless programs.

Leveraging Opportunities for Business Travel in APAC, Russia and UAE

cta navigating cultural nuances hurtles and opportunities.jpg

Business travel in APAC and surrounding markets is changing fast.  Did you know, for example, the number of passenger aircraft in China will grow by about 325 percent between 2012 and 2032, eventually accounting for 17 percent of global air travel? Did you know India is on pace to become the world’s youngest country—with nearly two-thirds of its population set to join the working age group by 2020? Facts like these, combined with unique cultural shifts, will increasingly change the way we approach global travel management.

5 Business Travel Costs Your Company Is Ignoring

business travel costs

Flights. Lodging. Meals. You’ve got the big ticket T&E items covered, right?  Not so fast…

Hotel RFPs: “Checking In” on Your Managed Hotel Program

hotel rfps

It’s that time of year again: the pre-work window for hotel RFPs and the ideal juncture for a complete review of your managed hotel program. Last year we talked about key opportunities to be explored during hotel RFP season. This year we’re adding some tips to the list, based on the following hotel sourcing predictions:

Travel Management 2.0: The Open Booking Debate Continues

business travel costs

It used to be a given: managed business travel along with comprehensive policy translated into greater cost savings and increased ROI.

6 Questions to Ask When Weighing Event Management Services

event management services

Whether you’re on your way to establishing a full-fledged SMMP (strategic meetings management program) or you simply need to execute two or three events next year, it’s important to remember that event services represent a distinct discipline. Your travel management company can help support your conference goals—particularly if the TMC houses a separate meetings management division—but MICE (the acronym for meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions) is not the same, well… species of work.

5 Reasons We’re Excited about Concur Fusion 2014

concur fusion 2014

Have you checked out the #CF2014 Twitter feed yet? It looks like business travel tweeps are already talking about Concur Fusion 2014, and that’s hardly surprising. Our bags have been packed since February. 

The New Word in Business and Leisure Travel

Business travel meets leisure travel resized 600

What do you get when you cross a three-day trade show with a three-hour tour?

The FAQs on Corporate Housing for Business Travelers

corporate housing for business travelers

Hospitality spend is a major part of any corporate travel budget—as high as 40 percent for some programs. Corporate housing may help companies looking to improve their sourcing strategy, by addressing the extended-stay category of travelers (in addition to transient and meetings travelers).

Mobile Apps for Events: 4 Questions Meeting Planners Should Ask

mobile apps for events

 Consumers downloaded more than 100 billion mobile apps in 2013, and their expectations continue to grow.  This poses the question:  How can mobile technology improve your next event?

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