Travel Management Reporting: The Future Looks Interactive and Unlimited

Posted by Lehi Mills on Mon, Apr 30, 2012

Travel Management ReportingWith the beta test coming to a close on Travizon’s Global Insight reporting platform, I wanted to pass on some updates.  A growing trend we are seeing is the integration with procurement departments and their analysis tools.  Because of the breadth of information collected in the Global Insight tool, Travizon can provide valuable information to companies that assist with managing T&E budgets, helping enforce contract compliance and by providing granularity into traveler behaviors.

Static reports are going away.  Clients want immersive reporting that allows them to not only get top-level information but also with the click of a button, drill down into the details.  It seems that no matter how many canned reports a system has, you can never predict what specific items of data a client will require.  The Global Insight system has overcome this obstacle by providing clients with a simple, user-friendly interface that enables them to select any reporting element and drop it onto their own custom reporting tile.  These reporting tiles become the bedrock for managing a corporate travel program that can span across multiple travel agencies and disparate travel suppliers.

Global Insight
For more information and a preview of Travizon’s soon-to-be released Global Insight tool, click below to download our Data Sheet.

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