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Travizon and GlobalStar Partner with Global Videoconferencing Network


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Travizon and GlobalStar are pleased to announce our enterprise-wide agreement with Global Videoconferencing Network (GVN).  As we continue to investigate best-in-class products that bring value and cost savings to our clients, Travizon and GlobalStar have selected GVN, to power VirtualStar the latest in the "Star Family" Product Suite.   Our GVN partnership allows our clients to have access to 3000+ public rooms.  With the addition of GlobalStar and Travizon, GVN continues to broaden its leadership position as the largest consolidator of public videoconferencing demand within the travel industry.

GVN's comprehensive solution links the demand for virtual communication to a global supply of public videoconferencing rooms.  The GVN product consolidates the largest public network of videoconferencing rooms inside of hotels, airport lounges and business centers to meet global demand.  Furthermore, companies with private videoconferencing rooms can join GVN to maximize the usage and ROI on their own equipment.

Travizon can now bring GVN's global network to their client partners through a single standardized platform.  A key advantage will be our consultant’s ability to assist clients in the local language and with respect to the local processes, regulations, and culture.

The travel consultant is the only point-of-sale that can bring added value and full service to the client.  GlobalStar selected GVN since they are the only provider that has considered all the pieces of the puzzle and put them together in an end-to-end solution.

Click here for the GlobalStar Press Release:

For more information about the Travizon/GlobalStar videoconferencing solution or to book a virtual room, visit the VirtualStar product page:

To download the VirtualStar Factsheet, click the link below.



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