New Study Released: AirPlus Payment Solutions Delivers Significant Business Travel Management Savings

Posted by Anita Salvatore on Fri, Aug 3, 2012

paper airplaneHow did British Telecom save nearly three-quarters of a million dollars in travel costs in just one year? The same way we do for Travizon customers: by partnering with AirPlus.

You might not recognize the name, but if you’re a Travizon customer, chances are that you’re already enjoying the benefits of their global card program. AirPlus offers a central billing account for airline purchases and related agency fees in over 100 countries and corporate card for travel and expenses in 33 countries.

Just this month, AirPlus released an independent study that breaks down the types of cost savings you can expect when you implement their business travel solution. Of course, not everyone will see results in the neighborhood of this massive organization, but all users can expect key cost savings and benefits from:

  • Centralized payment & billing system to streamline travel payments and gain better control of costs
  • Customizable corporate cards for managing travel expenses
  • Detailed reporting & information management system for travel data
  • Travel data accounting & reconciliation
  • Electronic invoicing

Data for this study was collected over two years – the year before AirPlus was implemented, and one year post implementation. It specifically looks at costs related to these 5 key steps in the travel management value chain:

  • Travel suppliers and contract negotiation
  • Travel planning and booking (saw the equivalent of a 6% discount on average low-cost airline ticket in terms of savings here)
  • Actual travel
  • Expense handling (most savings here related to eliminating late payment fees)
  • Travel cost monitoring

We weren’t surprised to see that the most significant process optimizations came from:

  • The combination of the AirPlus Company Account and Corporate Cards;
  • Centralization of all travel booking; and
  • Management of corporate card portfolio, with customization at the card level for better monitoring and travel policy compliance

Travizon is continually partnering with innovative leaders like AirPlus to enhance your experience and increase savings.

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