Corporate Travel Case Studies

Client Initiated Topaz Airfare Audit

In an unbiased, independent Topaz benchmarking study initiated by a Fortune 500 Travizon client, Travizon was overwhelmingly shown as a superior option over travel internet competitors and airline websites. The Topaz audit was conducted to assess whether lower airfares could be found on travel internet and airline direct websites vs. using a travel management company.

Travizon vs. Internet TMC's

A major North American wholesaler of optical products found working with an internet travel management company was truly a self service model lacking full agency support for travelers.  Their move to Travizon created a truly managed program ensuring the highest level of cost savings and service. 

Demand Management Initiatives

The world's leading developer of technical computing software for engineers was tasked with limiting travel for only revenue generating opportunities.  Through our analysis we identified various demand management opportunities and implemented specific initiatives which resulted in a 28% increase in savings in comparison to the previous year. 

Strategic Account Mangement

One of the leading energy companies in North America lacked a centralized travel program which resulted in the inability to leverage buying power, manage employee behavior, enhance service and implement risk management procedures.  Through our strategic collaboration we were able to consolidate the travel program to one central travel platform and define immediate demand management opportunities to capitalize on cost savings.