Global Travel Management

Travizon’s global travel management service are centered in our partnership with GlobalStar Travel Management. GlobalStar supports our travel services in 85 countries and allows us to implement best-in-class global solutions for our clients that are designed around travelers’ needs in each region.

By placing the combination of technology and buying power in the hands of highly skilled, well-trained and motivated consultants, we can offer our clients the confidence and trust they seek in their global travel management company.  

Some of the many benefits of working with Travizon and GlobalStar for global travel management include:

  • Greater visibility and control in all multinational locations
  • Consolidated global travel management information and a customized global account management structure
  • Ability to request global programs with whatever degree of control you require
  • Increased savings from local/global deals
  • Service consistency
  • Access to the best local knowledge
  • Global programs that are tailored to reflect local markets and your needs