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When you’re looking for world-class enhancements to global business travel programs, innovation and collaboration, Travizon provides everything your company needs.

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Travel Technology

Travizon has extensive expertise with business travel technology both in our market and within the industry as a whole. We design proprietary software solutions and collaborate with strategic partners to serve our clients.

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Business Travel Tips

5 Considerations for Travel Policy in the Sharing Economy

The sharing economy (or peer-to-peer service) is gaining prominence, and changing the face of many markets, including travel. What was once the “norm” for hotel reservations and car rentals is...Read more

Business Travel Planning in Policy and Practice: Survey Says…

What makes the modern business traveler tick? What do they like about traveling? And what drives them crazy? As a leading company in travel and technology, it’s important for us to stay as up-to-date...Read more

5 Tips for the Global Traveler in Asia

The world is changing, and as power shifts and new trends emerge we find ourselves on the precipice of what is being called Globalization 2.0. Globalization 2.0 (sometimes referred to instead as...Read more

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