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When you’re looking for world-class enhancements to global business travel programs, innovation and collaboration, Travizon provides everything your company needs.

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Travel Technology

Travizon has extensive expertise with business travel technology both in our market and within the industry as a whole. We design proprietary software solutions and collaborate with strategic partners to serve our clients.

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mobile device policy

Business Travel Tips

Preemptive Policies—5 Reasons to make your travel policy mobile and millennial savvy

The use of mobile devices has drastically changed the face of all industries, and travel is no exception. The continued increase in mobile prevalence directly correlates to the demographic of both...Read more

The Chips Are Coming: 4 things to know about chip technology

Chip card technology, also referred to as EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) was developed as a direct response to the increase of large-scale data breaches where credit card information was...Read more

6 Things You Didn’t Know You May Need For Global Travel

Any traveler knows that global travel requires attention to special packing needs, like passports and visas. However, there are a host of other recommended, and sometimes even mandatory, additional...Read more

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